Google Maps Go for Android Go gets proper turn-by-turn navigation

Android Go is Google’s lightweight version of their smartphone operating system. It has a number of under the hood optimizations which makes it the perfect software to run on lower-end hardware. Aimed at developing regions, it can be an effective way of getting basic processing capabilities to everyone across the world. While some of its applications have limitations, it’s being improved upon every day. Google Maps Go is an example of this, as you couldn’t use turn by turn navigation. Google has fixed this… sorta.

When trying to navigate in Google Maps Go, it booted you to the Google Play Store to install the full Google Maps application. It basically defeated half of the uses of having a Maps application on your device, so Google has now launched Navigation for Google Maps Go. The app brings voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation in a small 12MB package. It’s not extravagant and it’s largely lacking in features, but it works.

Navigation for Google Maps Go

Android Go has not gone without criticism, and its applications have been largely what has come under fire. Time has proven over and over again that an operating system is only as good as the applications it can offer. Navigation for Google Maps Go even lets you see traffic, which is a huge step over what the app could originally do.

It appears that Google is taking the vocal concerns of many to heart, and we could see huge improvements come to Android Go. This was one of the biggest issues with the application to many, but now it will allow you to use your cheap smartphone as a GPS in your car. We look forward to seeing what Google will do with Android Go, as it’s got a long way to go in the eyes of many.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Via: AndroidPolice

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