Google Maps Go is a Lightweight Alternative to Google Maps

Google Maps Go is a Lightweight Alternative to Google Maps

Google recently released Files Go, a slimmed-down file manage file manager, part of a suit of apps designed for low-end devices that run Android Go Oreo 8.1. This week, the search giant’s followed it up with Google Maps Go, a lighter, less processor-intensive version of Google Maps that doesn’t require the networking resources of its full-featured forebear.

Google Maps Go isn’t technically available on any Android devices other than Android Go, but it’s been released in the form of a Progressive Web Application (PWA) on Google’s servers, spotted first by AndroidPoliceIf you already have Google Maps installed, copying and pasting the link in Google Chrome pulls up Google Maps Go (don’t tap on it — that’ll redirect you to the Google Maps app). It supports over 70 countries and has most of Maps’ core features, including turn-by-turn directions, map layers, and highlighted areas of interest. It’s basically the same as Google Maps, but less pretty (and by extension, less graphically demanding.) And like other PWAs, it can be added to your launcher via Chrome’s overflow menu.


If you’re curious, you can check out the Google Play Store listing for Google Maps Go at the source link. You won’t be able to install it on any non-Android Go devices, but you’re able to peruse the application description, stats, and screenshots.

Google Maps Go is only the first of a few first of a few Android Go-optimized applications, following on the heels of YouTube Go, Google Go, and Gmail Go in early December. It’s quite possible that we’ll see more in the coming months.

Google Maps Go
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Source: Google Play Store Via:
Android Police

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