Google Maps adds group planning to help manage your trip

Google Maps adds group planning to help manage your trip

Google Maps is the industry standard solution for maps and navigation in smartphones. In the last few years, Maps has added many features such as offline navigation, live location sharing, transit guidance, and much more. It’s an indispensable part of the Google Apps package that is installed on Android phones. Google, however, clearly isn’t resting when it comes to adding new features. At this year’s Google I/O, the company stated that it would add a group planning feature to Maps in the near future. Now, the company has announced that the feature is rolling out for both iOS and Android.

Group planning is not an essential feature, but it’s yet another of those features which add convenience. Before its adding, users as a group had no way to plan their destination on Google Maps. They could individually add places to a shortlist, but that was it. If they wanted to plan as a group, they had to message each other links about a destination, which would then have to be added to a shortlist by all of the group members. This was inefficient and took a lot of time, and it also ensured that there was no coordination between members of a group.

Now, with the addition of the group planning feature, users can simply long press on any place to add it to a shortlist (which is the small floating bubble on the side of the screen). Once the place has been added, they can easily share it with their friends on any messaging platform. They can add or remove additional places, and even vote together in Google Maps.

Google states that the group planning feature starts rolling out on Android and iOS this week. It’s not a server-side update, which means that users will need to update their app to the latest version from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

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