Google Maps is getting a Trips tab that shows your last vacations before COVID-19

Google Maps is getting a Trips tab that shows your last vacations before COVID-19

Remember before the apocalypse when you traveled around the world and didn’t have a care in the world? Google remembers, which is why it’s introducing a new tab to Maps that will allow users to relive past trips.

Google Maps on Android is adding a “Trips” tab in Timeline that will feature a summary of your past vacations, along with information about the places you visited. You’ll also see information like total distance traveled and the modes of travel you used.

The new feature will not only allow users to relive past trips but also share past trips and itineraries with friends and family. When you share a past trip, it’ll include information for hotels, restaurants, and other places you’ve received reservation confirmations for in your Gmail. It’s an easier answer to the question, “Where should I visit?” when people travel.


Google Maps Trip tab in Timeline


In addition to a new Trips tab in the Timeline, Google is also planning to bring Timeline to the Photos map view. In Google Photos, users can easily see where on a map they’ve taken photos; it’s a fun way to see where you’ve been and where you enjoy taking photos. With the addition of Timeline, Google Photos users can see the exact path they traveled through photos, like when you drove up the West Coast’s scenic Pacific Coast Highway.

Google said you can choose to show or hide your Timeline from your map view’s settings in Photos, so you’re always in control of the information that’s being collected.

Throughout this unprecedented year, Google has worked to add new features related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and adding a Trips tab to your Timeline is in a way related to the crazy year we’ve all endured.

The company also recently added a COVID layer that allows Maps users to get information about COVID-19 cases in the area. While it wouldn’t be advisable to travel this holiday season, Google Maps will at least make it more bearable by allowing users to easily revisit what their life was like before the pandemic hit.

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