Google Maps directions can now combine multiple modes of transportation

Google Maps directions can now combine multiple modes of transportation

Google Maps continues to be the preferred mode of travel for a lot of users around the world, whether they use it for their daily commute or for occasional long trips. Over the years, Maps has added several features that make it even more useful, such as AR Navigation, Timeline sharing, and even alerts for when your cab goes off its route. In June, Google Maps had also added suggestions for multiple means of transport, with a special focus on improving last-mile connectivity when using public transport. Now, Google Maps is expanding the scope of transit directions by combining biking and ridesharing options into the mix.


Once you enter your destination in the search box within Google Maps, tap on “Directions” and then on the transit tab, and then scroll down to the Mixed Route section. Now, you’ll see routes over here that feature ridesharing and cycling options paired with transit directions. Choosing a ridesharing route will then display further information on each leg of the trip, including how much will the ride cost, when the bus or train departs, and how much traffic is expected. You can also choose your favorite rideshare provider and other available ride options like pool or economy.

For biking, routes displayed within Google Maps will be tailored for cyclists along with other information needed for the transit portion of the journey. All information is already factored into the total travel time and ETA, so you know have a much better idea of when exactly you will reach your destination.

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Google mentions that Transit directions, paired with biking and ridesharing will start rolling out on Google Maps in the coming weeks on Android and iOS, in 30 countries around the world. Traveling, and traveling optimally especially, can be a daily challenge for a lot of people. So having all relevant information available beforehand, especially for first and last-mile connections can be really handy when planning the commute.

Source: Google Blog

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