Google Maps now supports YouTube Music playback controls

Google Maps now supports YouTube Music playback controls

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Back in October 2018, Google Maps received a major update which introduced new commute features to the app, along with music player integration. The music player integration added playback controls to the navigation screen within the app, allowing users to play/pause music and switch tracks without pulling down the notifications shade. At the time, the music player integration feature supported three of the most popular music players — Spotify, Google Play Music, and Apple Music. Now, with the latest update (v10.43.2), Google has added YouTube Music support to Google Maps.

In case you use YouTube Music and listen to songs during your commute, you can now add YouTube Music’s playback controls to the navigation screen. To do so, tap on your profile picture in the top right corner of Google Maps and then tap on the Settings option. In the Settings menu, select Navigation settings and then tap on the toggle next to the “Show media playback controls” setting. Then select YouTube Music from the pop-up window, tap on Next, and then OK to confirm your selection.

In case you’ve been using the playback controls feature with a different music player, you can skip the aforementioned steps and just select YouTube Music by tapping on the Default media app option. Once you have the feature enabled, you’ll see a YouTube Music icon on the navigation screen. You can tap on the icon to bring up the playback controls, which shows the current track, a play/pause button, previous/next track buttons, a progress bar, and a browse button for quick access to your playlists.

It’s worth noting that the playback controls aren’t as easily accessible in the landscape orientation and you have to tap on the arrow icon in the bottom right corner to bring them up. The app also doesn’t show the YouTube Music icon in the landscape orientation.

Via: Reddit