Google Maps gets new public transit features in India

Google Maps gets new public transit features in India

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The majority of India’s working class depends upon public transport for their daily route to work. Often unexpected snags in traffic or public transport can result in unwarranted delays and to help avoid that, Google is introducing a bunch of new features in Google Maps that will allow commuters be well prepared for any unusual delays while riding a local bus, local or metro train. Apart from informing commuters about any likely delay, the new feature reports on the schedule and status of long-distance trains.

With the new public transport mode, Google Maps will show the time users might take while traveling via a specific route number bus. Depending on the origin and the destination of the journey, the feature takes into account any hiccups due to traffic and also informs the expected time of arrival at each of the stops. So just in case you want a friend to join you mid-way, the feature in Google Maps should come in handy. For India’s enormous population, timeliness of publication transport is more concerning than the rush inside the bus or train, so the feature is first landing here and might make it to other countries later on.

The feature clubs multiple modes of transport together, showing both – the time for individual mode as well as the cumulative time for the trip including the transitions between different modes. It also includes results for auto-rickshaws and shows estimated fare for the journey based on the meter rates set by the local transport authorities. The support for the estimated time of the journey using buses is coming to a host of Indian cities with major public transport demand and the list includes Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi/NCR, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Mumbai, Mysore, Pune, and Surat. The auto-rickshaw discovery feature is, however, restricted to Delhi and Bangalore for now.

Besides assisting you with your local transport, Google Maps will also help you plan your long-distance journeys effectively. Sourcing the information from the Indian Railways, Google Maps will show you in real-time if any long haul train is running behind schedule. Additionally, the feature will also show you possible transit options between two points and suggest appropriate breaks in journeys if a direct train is not available. Besides this, you should also be able to see the current location of the train based on the last station it departed from and at what time.


Since the availability of seats remains to be another common challenge with train journeys, we hope Google incorporates the information within the feature to help users make better decisions while planning their train journeys using Google Maps.

Source: Google India Blog