Google Maps Redesign Tweaks Color Scheme and Updates Map Modes

Google Maps Redesign Tweaks Color Scheme and Updates Map Modes

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Google Maps is one of those rare applications that gets better with time. Over the years, the team at Google has improved on various aspects of the mapping service, adding features such as offline maps and real-time location sharing. And on Wednesday, the search giant announced Maps’ latest enhancement: A fresh coat of paint.

The redesigned Google Maps will feature one-tap access to popular features, a new color scheme, and other tweaks. The first thing you’ll notice is that the different mapping modes — e.g., driving, transit, and bicycling — have changed. Google says that one goal of the redesign was to highlight relevant information depending on which mode is active. You might not see gas stations when you’re on public transportation, for example.
Another change you’ll notice is Maps’ new color scheme. Points of interest will be broken up into eight different categories like Food & Drink, Shopping, Health, Services, Outdoor, and more. Each will be designated by a unique color, making them easier to distinguish from the Maps screen.

Google says users can expect to see the update on all Google products that support Google Maps, including the Google Assistant, Google Search, Google Earth, and Android Auto, over the next few weeks. After that, they’ll begin rolling out to third parties who use the Google Maps APIs.

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