Google Maps is rolling out a redesigned real-time location sharing UI

Google Maps is rolling out a redesigned real-time location sharing UI

Google Maps is one of Google’s flagship services, having served countless users over the years. Features such as Live View AR navigation, new transit features such as crowdedness predictions, assisted public transit routes, and more — all work together to make Google Maps the de-facto navigation solution for so many users. The app has even adapted itself to the COIVD-19 era when more people are urged to stay home, by providing useful information such as food and night shelter information in India, as well as information on which local restaurants are still working. While COVID-19 advisories are still in place, Google is rolling out a redesigned UI for its real-time location sharing feature, in case you do need to move out.


Real-time location sharing was introduced back in March 2017, allowing users to share their location with their contacts with just a few taps. People who have received a location share can open Maps on their phones to see the real-time location of the sender. The basic idea behind the function has remained the same, but the UI is now receiving a refresh. As reported by AndroidPolice, an update to Google Maps coupled with a server-side rollout has brought a new interface to the app’s location-sharing interface.

This new refresh brings along a new floating action button and surfaces more detailed information and makes them visible at a glance. Within the location sharing interface, the blue bar at the top is replaced by a white bar, while the contacts and links with their details are now present at the bottom in a vertically expanding list. The location sharing prompt has also been changed, now coming in with more rounded edges and a fake drop-down menu. Your own current location is also shown off in a floating card, along with your current address and the phone’s current charge level.

The new changes are rolling out through the Google Maps 10.40.2 update, coinciding with a server-side flag. If you would like to check out the new UI, you can try sideloading the latest update.

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