Google Maps on Android will now show popular dishes from restaurants

Google Maps on Android will now show popular dishes from restaurants

Google has recently discovered that people really love food. They recently integrated features into the Google Assistant and Google Maps to allow you to order food without even having delivery apps installed. You can simply ask the Google Assistant to order food for you and it will, and you can order food directly from within Google Maps. Nearly a month ago now Google began testing crowd-sourcing of menus for restaurants so that you could view menus and popular dishes in the Google Maps application. That feature is now rolling out for everyone.

Generally speaking, there was nothing wrong with just going to a restaurant’s reviews and seeing what was available. The reviews were usually full of people posting photos of the food they had eaten along with an idea of whether it was good or bad. Google is making use of a machine learning algorithm in Google Maps that will read these reviews, match products that come up repeatedly, and then recommend dishes to you based on popularity. It effectively makes it easier for you to decide what’s good on a menu or not and will help you to discover and try new foods when out.

But what if you’re in another country? Not only is the new feature internationally rolled out for all Google Maps users, but it will automatically translate reviews for you as well. The translations won’t be perfect by any means, but they don’t need to be.  None of these features are critical, but they can help you make a decision on a restaurant to go to or what to get once you’ve arrived.

The popular dish feature is rolling out today to Android users of Google Maps across the world, with the feature set to come to iOS devices in the next few months. Google only asks that in return, you take pictures of the food you order and give a review as well. All information about a restaurant or the food sold is crowd-sourced from regular people such as you or I.

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