Google Maps now shows addresses from your clipboard when entering a location

Google Maps now shows addresses from your clipboard when entering a location

Google Maps is one of the most popular applications from the search engine giant. The service is available on virtually all platforms, including Android, iOS, and the web. Its various landscape options are comfortable and accurate enough for anyone to rely on. Google still puts in a lot of effort in making the service even more comfortable. For example, last month Google Maps on the web received a Material Theme overhaul. Google is known for changing applications’ behavior over server-side updates, and we recently noticed a new one.

If you’re a user of Google Chrome on Android, you may have noticed that when you have a link copied in the clipboard, Chrome suggests it for you to paste in the omnibox. It looks like Maps is now getting a similar feature. When selecting the location search bar, Google Maps will show you the address you copied earlier and will let you select it easily. This only works if an address was the last thing you copied. The feature, while not mind-blowing, will definitely make the experience a bit better. Easily pasting the address saves you the hassle of holding and tapping a couple of times. You can see the screenshot of the feature below.


We first noticed the feature yesterday and it looks like a server-side change. There is no knowing when it was added, but we’re pretty confident it’s fairly new. Though it looks like Google went with a quite wide rollout as we’re seeing it on many devices.

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