Google Maps gets speed camera alerts, route previews in commute notifications

Google Maps gets speed camera alerts, route previews in commute notifications

We’ve all been in that situation where the road is just too messy and full of vehicles to take your eyes off it – for even a small moment, and Google understands. Google Maps does a great job at making important information easy to see without diverting your eyes for too long. The app recently received some features to make it even handier.

In order to make the experience of using Google Maps more intuitive and “fun,” Google uses different tags, icons, labels and colors for different details. There’s the trio of green, orange, and red used in order to indicate low, medium and high traffic. You can easily get an idea of traffic conditions just by looking at the road colors.


The use of numerous colors is what makes this new feature Google Maps is introducing actually very useful. You can get a handy notification with information about your commute from Maps. Well, in addition to the information that we’re used to looking at when it comes to the notifications, Google decided to add a small preview of the actual map (call it a Mini Map if you will) with the colors still intact. This gives you a quick look at problematic areas on your route.

Now, those of you waiting for Google to implement a handy feature previously present in Waze ever since Google acquired it in 2013, you won’t have to wait much longer. Google Maps is all set to show Speed Camera notifications (indicating upcoming speed cameras) in a bunch of countries, including the US, UK, India, and more. This joins the existing speed trap and crash notifications. In addition, Google is rolling out speed limit indicators to Denmark, Poland, and the UK, joining the US.

In my humble opinion, these new features will let people navigate through bad days on the road with a significantly decreased amount of attention needed when it comes to the smartphone, and they will help people, as an effect, navigate faster and in a more disciplined manner. Let us know what you think about these new features in the comments!

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