[Update: Live] Upcoming Google Maps Feature Reminds You When to Get Off the Train/Bus

[Update: Live] Upcoming Google Maps Feature Reminds You When to Get Off the Train/Bus

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Update 12/15/17: Google has officially announced the feature. It should be live in the latest version of Google Maps.

Google Maps has become a critical navigation tool for people over the years and each new feature makes the platform more robust. We recently reported on a new redesign that was announced for Google Maps, but some information has been revealed about a new feature that will be coming in a future update. If testing goes smoothly, then the update will enable a feature that tells you when you should be getting off at the next train or bus stop.

Using public transportation for the first time can be a hectic experience. As Google Maps has expanded its features, adding details and information about public transportation all around the world has been incredibly helpful. Trips can often require you to transfer from one bus or train to the next and if you’re unfamiliar with the route then you may not know when that next stop is coming up. Information received by TechCrunch says this issue could be resolved in a future Google Maps update as it will actively remind you when you need to get off.

As it is right now, you can plan out your public transportation route in Google Maps and it will tell you the buses or trains that you need to get on and off. However, this is currently done manually and you have to tell Google Maps when you have reached a certain stop so that it can remind you about the next train or bus that you need to get on. But, this new update is said to change things by actively monitoring where you are so it can remind you when you need to get off.

This update makes the public transportation navigation feature of Google Maps function more like the walking, biking, and driving modes. We’re told that the update is expected to go live “soon” and that Google may already be testing it outside of its trusted tester community.

Source: TechCrunch