Google Maps update will bring a Translate button for place names and addresses

Google Maps update will bring a Translate button for place names and addresses

Google Maps has made our lives extremely convenient. Besides saving us from any skirmish with paper maps and finding the most time-effective routes, Google Maps also has a bunch of features that help you explore a foreign country. If you’re in an unknown city, Maps also saves you from being conned by taxi drivers and helps avoid being caught up in pillage. Now, Google is introducing another feature for Maps that will make communications in a foreign land easier for you even if you don’t know the local language.

Google is integrating bits of Translate into Maps and they will automatically be available when you’re in a country where the local tongue is different from you speak back at home. When you tap on the speaker icon either next to the name or the address of the place you’re headed to, Google Maps will say the name out loud for you to share it with your taxi driver or ask a local.

The new Google Maps feature will also have a deep link to the Translate app so that you can engage in unobstructed conversations, thanks to the text-to-speech and the reverse options in Google Translate. The following demo from Google’s blog post shows your an example of how it will work if the default language is set to English but you’re in Japan.

The new feature saves you from the trouble of transliterating the name of the place or its address and then struggling with the exact pronunciation. Google will be rolling the feature out to both Android and iOS versions of Google Maps later this month and it will support 50 languages at the beginning. The complete list of supported languages and regions is yet to be shared by Google so we’ll update the article when we get that.

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