[Update: Wider roll-out] Google Maps with updated Material Design UI slowly rolling out to users

[Update: Wider roll-out] Google Maps with updated Material Design UI slowly rolling out to users

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Update 6/26: The new design appears to be rolling out to most users. We have the redesign on multiple devices running version 9.80.2.

While Android coders have been working on the backend of the upcoming Android P software update, the company’s designers have been working on an update to Material Design. The name of this design language is still Material Design, but the name Material Design 2 was discovered in a comment within the Chromium Gerrit back in February of this year. So we’ve been referring to this new update as Material Design 2 to make things a little less confusing. Google is slowly bringing this update to a number of their applications and services. Google Maps is the latest addition.

You likely remember the recent design update to Gmail that was rolled out to the web. This is the new Material Design look that Google is using. It will still have that paper-and-ink-inspired aesthetic, but Google has changed some of the go-to colors while also making things (like corners) more round. This new change is coming to other Google’s applications like Chrome and we have just learned that the company is rolling out some changes to the Google Maps app.

So just like the other changes we’ve seen with Material Design 2, Google Maps is getting a UI overhaul that brings it in line with these new guidelines. The company has shifted the color to be more white than before, naturally, this means icons and search bars and cards are rounded, and we’re even seeing some tabs being redesigned completely. For example, Android Police reports that the Driving and Transit tabs have only had their UI elements redesigned, but the Explore tab has changed a lot from the previous version.

This includes some brightly colored icons to choose from, while also offering a scrolling carousel of different restaurant types. The new UI appears to be rolling out very slowly as a server-side switch. Only a handful of users have received the revamped design. Let us know if you are seeing this new look in Google Maps.

Source: Android Police