Google Maps Updates its Local Guides Program With A New Points System And More Levels

Google Maps Updates its Local Guides Program With A New Points System And More Levels

Google’s Local Guides program has over 30 million contributors. They upload numerous photos of shops or restaurants to earn points. You can find some of the shots and reviews in Google Maps, for example. Google is now updating the program with new levels and is now offering new ways to earn points so you can reach these higher levels.

So far, the Local Guide program had five levels, but now the number is doubled. Until yesterday, users could only gather 500 points and reach the maximum fifth level. The Mountain View giant certainly noticed that some folks lost motivation after reaching the maximum level. Right now to make it to Level 10, you need to get, 100,000 points. While some activities give more points than others, getting to the maximum level will probably keep you busy.

On the promo video below, you can see the Local Guides program in action.

Just like before, Local Guides Level 2 and above can enjoy early access to new product features, and get occasional perks from Google and local perks from partners. Now, in select countries, Local Guides Level 4-10 can redeem a free three-month Google Play Music subscription and 75 percent off a rental in the Google Play Movie store. Additionally, users at levels 4 to 10 now will get a unique badge to reflect their contributions.

Adding these new features should certainly motivate some users to take a walk and use their cameras to capture local sceneries. Who doesn’t love badges and freebies after all?

Source: Google Blog

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