Google Maps v9.43.2 Update Integrates Ridesharing Service Uber

Google Maps v9.43.2 Update Integrates Ridesharing Service Uber

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Whether it be to avail promotional discounts on whichever service is offering one currently, or it be to look for lower surge pricing, or simply for checking which provider has the nearest cab: a lot of us rely on information from multiple apps to get the best deal for our needs. Google Maps v9.43.2 brings all such information into one convenient place — right on our maps. A past update to Maps displayed limited information regarding estimated price and driver info, but the newest update increases the scope of the information displayed. You can see the location of all drivers around you across different services displayed pictorially on the map, along with bifurcations for different types of cab rides.

Ridesharing service integration goes one step further if your primary choice is Uber. The latest update to Google Maps allows you to book a ride, track your driver, complete, and pay for the ride without ever leaving Maps — even if you do not have Uber installed on your phone!

Google has put together a video depicting the whole process:

You do need to sign into your Uber account or make a new one to make use of the integration. Google Maps also has useful information regarding your destination such as business hours and menus, so you are always informed about relevant information regarding your destination throughout your journey.

The update to Google Maps has begun to roll out for both Android and iOS. Google’s announcement post does not mention integrating other ridesharing providers such as Lyft as of now, but we can assume functionality will expand to include the service in the near future.

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