Leaked screenshots showcase Google’s upcoming medical records app

Leaked screenshots showcase Google’s upcoming medical records app

Google is working on a new app that will help users easily manage their medical records. While Google is yet to reveal any official information about the app, leaked screenshots of the app’s homescreen and Records tab have now surfaced online. The screenshots give us our first look at the upcoming app and reveal some crucial details.

In April this year, we first heard that Google was working on a new platform to help people access all their medical records in one place. At the time, a report from Stat News revealed that the company was recruiting Android users in Northern California, Atlanta, and Chicago to get feedback on a new consumer-facing medical records tool. Now, leaker Ishan Agarwal has shared screenshots (via 91mobiles) of this unreleased app that reveal a few more details.


(Images: 91mobiles)

The attached screenshots show that the app’s home tab will give users easy access to all their integrated medical records and healthcare contacts. Users will be able to add their medical records to the app on the Records tab, which will also display “a unified view of your health, pulling together info from your doctor’s visit, labs, and more.” The app will also include a Contacts tab that will probably give users access to all their healthcare contacts and a Sharing tab that might help them share their medical records with others.

As stated on the homescreen, the app is currently in the early stages of development. It also features a feedback link to help early testers share their feedback with Google. Since Google is yet to release any official information about the app, we’re not sure if and when it will roll out to users. We’ll update this post as soon as we learn more.

It’s worth noting that this is Google’s second attempt at making such a platform for medical records. The company launched Google Health back in 2008, which also aimed to help people view their medical records online. However, Google killed it off in 2012 due to limited adoption. Since Apple now also offers a similar solution on its iPhones, the upcoming app has a better chance of success.

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