Google Meet now lets you ask questions and answer polls anonymously

Google Meet now lets you ask questions and answer polls anonymously

Although Google is currently in the process of merging Duo with Meet, the company hasn’t stopped adding new features to the latter. The latest feature to make its way to the video conferencing app lets users ask questions and answer polls anonymously.

According to a recent post on the Google Workspace blog, the new Google Meet feature will give participants the option to ask questions anonymously. Anonymous questions will be available by default, but meeting hosts and co-hosts will be able to disable it by heading over to Meeting Activities > Allow Questions in Q&A > Allow Anonymous questions. On the other hand, the new anonymous polls option will be disabled by default. Meeting hosts and co-hosts will see an option to turn it on when sharing a poll, as shown in the image attached below. Google notes that these settings will not carry over from meeting to meeting.


Screenshot of new anonymous polls toggle in Google Meet.

If you’re wondering whether meeting hosts and co-hosts will be able to see your name even if you ask questions or respond to polls anonymously, you can rest assured that they won’t. Google clarifies that the feature will keep your details anonymous to “other participants, the meeting hosts, and your Google Workspace Admin.” Google will, however, retain your poll responses and anonymous questions. The company will anonymize the data or delete it at a later stage.

The ability to ask questions and answer polls anonymously has started rolling out to users gradually. It should reach all Google Meet users in the coming weeks. Note that the anonymous questions and polls feature will be limited to Google Workspace Essentials, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, Education Plus and Nonprofits plans, as well as legacy G Suite Business customers. The features will not be available to Google Workspace Business Starter, Education Fundamentals, Education Standard, Frontline customers, or legacy G Suite Basic customers.

Source: Google Workspace blog

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