Google Meet direct calling will let you make one-on-one calls without generating links

Google Meet direct calling will let you make one-on-one calls without generating links

A new feature coming soon to Google Meet will make conducting one-on-one calls a lot easier. Like Zoom, Google Meet relies on URLs to invite users to video calls, and while this is fine for group calls, it feels a bit redundant and unintuitive for one-on-one calls. But soon, users will be able to initiate ad-hoc Google Meet calls without creating a meeting and then sharing the URL with the participant.

Direct Google Meet calling (via VentureBeat) will be coming first to 1:1 chats within the Gmail app, allowing users to quickly ring their colleagues without using URLs. Google says initiating a call from 1:1 chat will ring the participant’s phone and also send a notification to Gmail running in a web browser.


This will ring their device running the Gmail mobile app and send a call chip to Gmail running in a web browser, so they can easily answer from any device

Direct Google Meet calling will be rolling out soon in the Gmail app and will come to “other Workspace endpoints in the near future.”

Alongside the Google Meet calling feature, Google has shared an update on its upcoming Companion mode. The Companion mode will let Google Meet participants use their laptop as a second screen for a video call. It will start rolling out to Meet users in November.

Meanwhile, a live-translated captions feature in Google Meet will arrive later this year, allowing users to translate meetings from English to French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Google Meet has gained a lot of new features over the past month. Back in April, the service received a more spacious design and video backgrounds. Meanwhile, a new update in July added new Snapchat-like filters and several lens effects to make meetings more fun.

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