Google vows to improve Meet and Zoom performance on Chromebooks

Google vows to improve Meet and Zoom performance on Chromebooks

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced students and educators around the globe to adapt to a remote learning environment. As a result, tools like Meet and Zoom are an important part of everyday life. These services are only good, however, if they’re able to perform to expectations.

With Chromebooks often at the center of most education programs, Google on Thursday announced plans to improve the performance of these devices, so they can better handle frequent video conferencing.

“These Chrome OS updates will help students run video calls at home while they’re using apps like Google Classroom, Docs, Sheets, Slides and other tools, regardless of the device or the strength of their internet connections,” Google said in a blog post.


With the performance updates, students will be able to more easily multitask. That means the performance of other apps won’t be bogged down while in a Meet call. Google said this applies to Meet’s more advanced features, like Grid View, which displays all participants in a call at once.

Google said that it’s also improving the camera and video feed performance in Chromebooks. It’s doing this by making sure that audio and video data doesn’t require any unnecessary processing.

Meet will also dynamically adjust based on what you’re doing. If you need to share your screen, for example, Meet’s video resolution or frame rate may be decreased slightly so video performance doesn’t suffer. And if your network speeds slow down—say it’s congested from multiple device connections—Meet will turn off some video feeds to make sure you’re not interrupted.

Similarly, Google said it has teamed up with Zoom engineers to improve the performance of the platform on Chromebooks. For example, Zoom will also dynamically adjust video performance depending on what’s going on.

Google has introduced several new improvements to Meet over the last few months that make remote learning less difficult. It introduced hand-raising, digital whiteboards, Q&A breakout rooms, and a virtual green room. These latest performance improvements to Chrome OS will ensure Meet is even better, hopefully allowing students and teachers to focus on learning, not about the quality of their video chat.

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