Google’s Messages app will soon enable Bubble notifications in Android 11

Google’s Messages app will soon enable Bubble notifications in Android 11

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Google introduced the new Bubbles notification API with Android 10 Beta 2 back in April last year. The API was initially offered as an opt-in feature for developers, allowing them to test it in their apps so that the apps were ready when the feature finally rolled out in a future Android release. As expected, the feature was enabled by default in the Android 11 Developer Preview 1, and in the leaked Android 11 beta, the API gained a user-facing setting. Back in December last year, we saw the feature in action on Android 10 in an APK teardown of the Google Messages app. Then, earlier this month, Facebook Messenger’s chat heads feature switched over to the bubbles notification API on Android 11 devices. Now, according to a recent comment on Reddit, the feature will soon be enabled in the Google Messages app on devices running Android 11 beta.

The comment in question comes from the official Android beta program account on Reddit, which states: “Bubbles for Android Messages will be enabled over the next month. If you’re in the Android Messages Beta, you’ll receive an update starting in the next week or two that enables the new feature…The feature is controlled on the application side, so you will be able to use the feature on 3rd party messaging apps as our partners start enabling it.”

Once the update rolls out, you will see a new option called Bubbles in the Google Messages settings with a toggle to turn it on or off. Enabling the feature will make all incoming text messages appear in a bubble. The notification bubbles will appear at the edge of the display with a photo of the contact, the app icon, and a preview of the message. If left untouched, the preview will disappear shortly thereafter and will be replaced by a notification dot. Tapping on the notification bubble will open up the conversation in an overlay, allowing you to quickly reply to the message. To dismiss the bubble, you’ll be able to tap and hold on it and drag it to the ‘x’ icon that appears towards the bottom.

Source: Reddit

Note: The attached screenshots are from an APK teardown of the Google Messages app running on Android 10.