Google Messages adds sorting and auto OTP deletion features in India

Google Messages adds sorting and auto OTP deletion features in India

Many apps in India use One Time Passwords to authenticate requests and provide users with an extra layer of protection. As useful as OTPs are, they can clutter your inbox in no time. Throw into the mix those endless promotional messages and transaction updates your bank and payment services send you, and you’ve something that looks more like a spam box rather than an inbox. Thankfully, Google is coming to the rescue.

Google has announced a bunch of new features for Messages users in India that makes it easier to solve the inbox mess and stay organized. First is the sorting feature, which uses machine learning to automatically sorts out new messages into different categories such as “Personal,” “Transactions,” OTPs, and “Offers.” The next time you receive an OTP or a transaction update from your bank for your recent Google Pay payment, they will be automatically filtered into OTPs and transactions tabs, respectively.


These new tabs will appear below the top search bar. Google says all this machine learning magic happens right on your device so it will work even if your phone is offline. Categories in Messages have been rolling out to Indian users in the app’s beta program for several months now, but it’s only now that Google is finally making the feature official.

Another nifty change coming to Messages users in India is the ability to auto-delete OTPs 24-hours after they are received. Most OTPs have a limited lifespan of 5 to 10 minutes so there’s no point in keeping them forever. At the same time, deleting them manually is such a hassle and waste of time. But now Messages will take care of this for you. You’ll see a prompt to turn on the auto-delete feature when you’re in the OTP tab. You can also manage it from settings.

Google Messages showing a prompt to turn on the OTP deletion feature


These new Messages features will be rolling out to phones running Android 8.0 and above in the coming weeks. For now, they’re limited to users in India.

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