iMessage reactions finally rolling out to more users in Google Messages

iMessage reactions finally rolling out to more users in Google Messages

iMessage reactions have long annoyed Android users, but soon that issue will be a thing of the past. In November last year, Google Messages started testing a new feature that converts a reaction sent by an iMessage user to an appropriate emoji for the Android recipient — instead of regurgitating reaction in words like Laughed at <your original text>. At the time the feature was only available to a few users. But that changes today as Google is finally rolling out the functionality to more users.

According to user reports, Google Messages has picked up a new beta update that finally adds support for iMessage reactions (via Droid-Life). Users are seeing the functionality going live with Google Messages version 20220121_02_RC00. The update also adds a toggle in Settings > Advanced > Show iPhone reactions as emoji to let you enable/disable the feature.


With the latest update, Google Messages is now able to translate iMessage reactions into emoji and display it properly on intended messages. It’s not the most perfect solution. For example, iMessage’s heart reaction is shown as “Smiling Face With Heart-shaped Eyes” in Google Messages. Still, it’s far better than those annoying, cluttered texts that Google Messages used to display up until now.

Screenshots courtesy: Twitter user @himattm

Note that while iMessage users can react to Android messages, Android users still can’t react to iMessage users.

For now, iMessage reaction support is only available in the latest beta version of Google Messages. It’s unclear when it will make its way to the stable channel. If you want to try it out, you can sign up for the Google Messages beta program here. Alternatively, you can also grab the APK from APKMirror.

Google Message also recently picked up a new nudges feature. The feature helps you stay on top of important conversations by sending reply reminders.

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