Google Messages will make it less annoying to chat with your iMessage friends

Google Messages will make it less annoying to chat with your iMessage friends

It may not be an ideal solution, but it's something

iOS and Android –as mobile operating systems — don’t always get along well with each other. For example, iPhone users can’t send files to Android phones via Bluetooth without using third-party apps. Another incompatibility plenty of Android users suffer from is iMessage emoji reactions. For the unfamiliar, when an iMessage user reacts to a text from an Android user, the latter receives a repetitive text version of it. For example, the Google Messages app would display Laughed at “Apple and Google will eventually be friends!” as a text message sent from the Apple user, rather than actually adding a laugh reaction to the existing text the Android user has originally sent. Google has finally started rolling out a feature that fixes this issue.

iMessage reactions on Google Messages

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According to 9to5Google, Google has started rolling out the ability for the Messages app to translate iMessage reaction into emoji. The emoji it uses are slightly different than Apple’s, though. For example, Apple uses a heart emoji for the Love reaction, while Google goes for a heart-eyed emoji. So far, the feature has been working correctly for those who have tried it. And just like RCS, Android users can finally see iMessage reactions as emoji, instead of long walls of text.

When an Android user clicks on a Google Messages reaction sent by an iMessage user, the app will state Translated from iPhone as a way to indicate that. It’s also worth mentioning that if an Apple user changes a sent iMessage reaction to a different one, Google Messages will reflect that as well. Google’s execution has got to be the best case scenario, until Apple decides to adopt RCS — if that day ever comes. For the time being, you’ll be spared the annoyance of having your conversations cluttered up by endless reactions sent as text.

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