Google’s Nearby Share now lets you share Android apps with friends

Google’s Nearby Share now lets you share Android apps with friends

Google’s Nearby Share feature in Android is a convenient way to share links, photos, and more with friends and family. Now, you can also take advantage of a new feature that will allow you to easily share Android apps.

First announced at the end of 2020 and widely available today, Nearby Share will let you share apps from Google Play with other Android users. The cool thing is you don’t need a cellular or Wi-Fi connection for Nearby Share to work.

“Simply open Google Play, go to the ‘Share Apps’ menu in ‘My Apps & Games,’ select the apps you want to share, and let your friend accept the incoming apps,” Google said back in December.


Nearby Share apps

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Nearby Share is a clever way to share your favorite apps and games with friends and family. It’s the type of quality-of-life feature that takes the friction out of fumbling through menus and worrying about Wi-Fi connections. It’s thanks to features like this that Google’s Nearby Share has transformed into a great alternative to Apple’s AirPlay.

According to 9to5Google, which was able to test the new feature in Nearby Share, sending apps to friends is “shockingly fast,” and may be quicker than sharing over your home Internet connection. Once you do share an app with someone, they can install it without leaving the share menu. You can then disconnect devices.

Whether you aren’t near a Wi-Fi connection or are nearing your mobile data cap, using Nearby Share to send apps is a great option. Of course, whomever you’re sharing to must be close by. The next time you have a gathering with your closest friends and family, try sharing an app or two. And, don’t worry, you can choose to share which contacts (all, some, or none) are able to immediately see you when the feature is enabled.

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