Google tests letting you change audio output from the Nest Hub to other Cast devices

Google tests letting you change audio output from the Nest Hub to other Cast devices

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Google’s Nest Hub is a smart display with a number of fantastic features, although the software leaves a lot to be desired. While it’s powered by the Google Assistant and fantastic for displaying photos and other visual information, it does have its problems. Google is testing a “move to” option according to a user on the Google Home subreddit, which will allow you to change the audio output from the Nest Hub to another Cast device seamlessly, without interruption. Listening to music on your Nest Hub and want to move to the living room? Simply switch the audio source to whatever Cast device you have in the living room and it will continue in there.Sadly, this is a feature that’s only getting tested at the moment and doesn’t appear to be rolling out to many Nest Hub users. You can’t voice control it either, requiring you to scroll and tap instead to choose a device to move the audio stream to. It’s entirely possible that the feature will disappear for this user at any time, as Google appears to only be testing it. This user tested it with a podcast, although it probably works for music as well.

This is an incredibly useful feature if you want to listen to something and move around the house. The Home Hub arrived in October of last year and was recently rebranded as the Google Nest Hub. It was released alongside a couple of other smart displays from the likes of JBL and Lenovo. The Nest Hub is a cheaper alternative to those devices, starting at $129, while still being packed with features.

Smart displays aren’t the greatest piece of tech you can have in your home at the moment, although they can be pretty cool to play around with. They also can be convenient, though their use cases can be somewhat niche. You can use them to cycle through your Google Photos, for example, and display information about the upcoming day.

Source: Reddit