Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max get three new clock face options

Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max get three new clock face options

Google is reportedly rolling out three new watch faces for the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. The new additions were first spotted on the Lenovo Smart Clock in 2019, and are said to be tweaked so that they are compatible with larger 7-inch or 10-inch screen sizes. With the newly launched clock faces, the devices now offer a total of 11 options.

First spotted by 9to5Google, there are technically just two of them, with the first one called “Timeless” being offered in a dark or a light theme. It includes an analog clock with circular markers at the 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock positions. Notably, the dark version has a deep red background while the light variant has a pink finish. The new “Weather” clock face is a bit more dynamic compared to the first one. This one tells you the weather, apart from time, and the background changes depending on the current state of temperature. For instance, if it is a clear day then it will show a blue gradient and at night it will showcase stars.


You can access the new watch faces using the Google Home app. To do so, open the app on your smartphone and select your device. Tap and enter settings from the top-right corner and then head to Photo Frame > Fullscreen clock. The new clocks should be available to you at the very bottom. You can also get them using your voice with the command, “Hey Google, set photo frame” with the new additions available on the right of the carousel. Make sure you are running the latest Cast firmware 1.52 on your Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max if you want to see these new watch faces. If you are still unable to get them, wait for a few days as it is expected to arrive via a server-side update.

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