The Nest Hub Max may be a Google-made 10″ smart display with a camera

The Nest Hub Max may be a Google-made 10″ smart display with a camera

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Google entered the smart display market with the Google Home Hub. The 7″ LCD touchscreen on the Google Home Hub showed information cards with details to accompany Google Assistant‘s voice response, and it also allowed for new functionality such as viewing video feeds from Nest cams and use certain apps for certain actions. Google appears to be working on another smart display, as the company has inadvertently leaked its own announced product, the Nest Hub Max.

As reported by Android Police, the Google Store’s connected home page was updated with a small description of this unannounced smart display. The Google Nest Hub Max would reportedly feature a Nest camera, a 10″ HD display, and a stereo speaker setup. This would mark an upgrade over the existing Google Home Hub, which lacks camera functionality, making it quite useless for video-calling needs. The Nest Hub Max would reportedly also incorporate Nest’s surveillance capabilities.

The webpage only contained text descriptions, and no product images, pricing information or release dates. We are unable to see the same set of images when following along the link, so it is likely that Google has pulled back this change. We’ll keep our readers updated when new information is available for this upcoming product.

Source: Android Police