Google rolls out new sleep tracking features for Nest Hub (2nd gen)

Google rolls out new sleep tracking features for Nest Hub (2nd gen)

When Google introduced the 2nd gen Nest Hub earlier in March, it made a big deal about its sleep tracking capabilities. The new Nest Hub uses Motion Sense (powered by Soli radar) to analyze your sleeping habits and provide insight into your sleep quality. And a new update for the Hub is bringing even more sleep tracking features.

In a blog post on Tuesday, Google detailed (via Android Central) some new sleep tracking features for the Nest Hub 2nd gen. The first one is sleep staging which uses improved algorithms to provide a detailed breakdown of your light, deep, REM (Rolling Eye Movement), and awake periods throughout the night. On the Duration and Quality screen, you’ll see how much time you spent in each stage.


Nest Hub 2nd gen showing sleep analysis

Next up, sound detection is getting better. If you share your sleeping space with other people, the Nest Hub will now only display coughs and snores that come from your sleeping area. Coughing, snoring, and other sounds that happen outside your zone will now appear on the “Other sounds” timeline.

Calm app on Nest Hub

Meanwhile, in December, the Google Assistant on Nest devices will gain access to an app called Calm, providing a vast library of relaxing music for meditation, Sleep Stories, and more. Once the app rolls out, Nest Hub owners will be able to try out meditation content by saying, “Hey Google, show me meditations from Calm” or “Hey Google, start a meditation.”

Finally, Google announced that it plans to integrate Nest Hub’s Sleep Sensing into Fitbit Premium, meaning you’ll have to pay a monthly price to access these sleeping features. The move will come into effect in 2023; until then, Nest Hub users can try out all features for free.

The newly announced sleep tracking features will start rolling out today to the Nest Hub 2nd gen and will be available to users globally in the coming weeks.

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