Google Nest WiFi may include Google Assistant speaker beacons

Google Nest WiFi may include Google Assistant speaker beacons

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A rebooted version of Google’s “Google Wifi” is expected to launch at the Made By Google event next month. “Made by Google” is Google’s yearly hardware showcase event, where we typically see announcements to the tune of new Pixel devices. Not all of the focus is going to be on the latest Pixel devices, however. Google tends to announce a lot more than just smartphones at its event, and if 9to5Google’s sources are correct, this year will be no different.

According to the report, not a lot has changed from the previous iteration of Google Wifi. The small number of changes that there have been, however, are pretty significant. Following the unification of Google’s home division and Nest earlier this year, the device has been renamed to “Nest Wifi.” There will also be a redesign of the appearance of the device, bringing it more in line with other recent Google hardware.

While previous generations of the Google Wifi featured several full-fledged routers that connected wirelessly from points around your home, the latest generation will be slightly different. Google has adopted an approach similar to Eero. Now, instead of each router being a standalone device, there is one main router accompanied by smaller “beacons.” The idea is that these beacons effectively act as range extenders for the main router.

That’s not all of the capabilities of the beacons, though. The biggest news from 9to5Google’s sources is that the beacons will double as Google Assistant speakers. With performance nearly identical to that of the Google Home Mini, Nest Wifi is another step towards Google’s vision of having Assistant available everywhere in your home. The Assistant that will be available with Nest Wifi, however, is not a standard version of the Assistant. New functionality is being added that will allow users to control their Nest Wifi network using only their voice. The ability to pause the connection in certain rooms and even certain devices were hinted at, for example.

Mercifully, old versions of Google hardware will still be compatible with this latest addition, meaning you can mix and match as you please. Be sure to tune into the Made by Google on October 15 to see if these reports are true, and of course, to learn all about the Pixel 4.

Source: 9to5Google