Google Nest WiFi has a completely new design and doubles as a smart speaker

Google Nest WiFi has a completely new design and doubles as a smart speaker

Leading up to the Made by Google event today, there were tons of leaks about almost every product that Google showed off. The one product that we didn’t know a lot about beforehand was Google Nest WiFi, but now it’s official. Nest WiFi is the follow-up to Google WiFi and it has a brand new design along with several new features.

Nest WiFi is composed of two parts: router and “point.” The design is the first thing that stands out. Everyone is calling Nest WiFi a “plump marshmallow” and that’s honestly an accurate description. Both devices are squat cylinders with heavily rounded edges. The main router has a completely smooth exterior, while the point device has speaker holes along the bottom and a mute switch around back.


Router (left), Point (right)

Google says Nest WiFi will get up to 2X better speed and 25% better coverage. Only one router and one additional point device will be enough to cover the size of 85% of homes in the US. Of course, if that’s not enough for your house, you can easily add more point devices to enlarge the coverage area. Google is offering 2-pack and 3-pack bundles to get you started. If you already have Google WiFi, these new Nest point devices can be added to that.

Setting up Nest WiFi is done through the existing Google Home app. After the initial setup, you’ll also use the Google Home app for managing your network. This makes it super easy to share the WiFi password with guests, prioritize specific devices, create a guest network, and more. Plus, using the Google Home app’s existing functionality, you can control multiple smart homes.

One of the coolest features of the Nest WiFi is the ability to act as essentially a Nest Mini. The point devices have speakers and a light underneath to show when it’s listening and responding. You can even add point devices to speaker groups, just like a traditional Google Home/Nest speaker. And now Google Assistant can help control your WiFi network and do things like pause WiFi on specific devices in your home (do your homework, kids!).

Nest WiFi will be available in 8 global markets this year. In the US, Nest WiFi is up for pre-order today and it will go on sale on November 4th. The 2-pack (router + point) costs $269 and the 3-pack (router + point + point) costs $349. It comes in three colors: Snow, Sand, and Mist. You can find Nest WiFi at the Google Store, Target, and Best Buy.

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