Google rolls out new “Media View” for Nest Hub smart displays

Google rolls out new “Media View” for Nest Hub smart displays

Google Assistant-powered smart displays are starting to break out in the market, as more and more devices launch with support for the Google Assistant’s ambient mode. Smart Displays provide an easy-to-use interface to control all of the smart devices in your home, whilst simultaneously offering instant access to all of the Google Assistant’s features as well. Weather updates, to-do lists, calendars, music controls… smart displays can do a whole lot. Google is rolling out a new “Media View” for Nest Hub smart displays, a simple view to make it easier than ever to control whatever is playing on the smart devices on your network.


With the new Nest Hub media view, you can easily control playing music across a whole speaker group or on an individual device. If you’d rather just see what’s playing, you can view information about the following:

  • Which devices or groups the media is playing
  • The room the device is in
  • The content provider (e.g. Spotify, YouTube)
  • Song/show title
  • Artist name

The notification will also include the cover art, basic information, and basic controls to pause, skip, or go back. You can also control the following on each individually playing device from your Nest Hub:

  • Play media
  • Pause media
  • Audio – Tap next track or previous track
  • Video – Tap forward 30 seconds or back 10 seconds

Controlling volume is also easier than ever, and you can even set “volume thresholds” on individual devices so that the sound doesn’t get too loud.

The update is beginning to roll out now for Nest Hub devices, though it is likely via staged rollout and may take time to reach your device.

Source: Google

Via: 9to5Google

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