Google is rolling out the new Wear OS design today

Google is rolling out the new Wear OS design today

Nearly one full month ago, Google announced a redesigned user interface of Wear OS with a focus on Google Assistant, better notifications, and more. If you’ve followed along with the progress of this wearable platform, it seems as if even Google doesn’t have an idea as to what a good user experience would be. In any case, the new redesign that was announced last month is rolling out today as a brand new software update to those who still use a smartwatch.

So, with the new update rolling out today, anyone with a Wear OS device will need to get used to a new user interface. For instance, swiping to the right will open up the Google Assistant and the information that it has on hand for you. Swiping to the left will take you to Google Fit’s new fitness tracking rings. Swiping up shows you the current notifications you have waiting for you and swiping down will reveal the quick-setting shortcuts for your smartwatch and its new platform.

  • Swipe right – Google Assistant feed
  • Swipe left – Google Fit
  • Swipe up – notifications
  • Swipe down – quick settings

Doing a long press on your current Wear OS watch face will let you change to another one and a short press on the main button will reveal all of the Wear OS applications you currently have installed. Lastly, a long press on that main button will initiate Google Assistant so you can quickly issue a few voice commands without needing to pull your phone out of your pocket. As with most new platform updates, some devices will get it right away, but others will have longer to wait.

Google is infamous for their phased rollouts when it comes to software updates so you could be waiting a while for that Wear OS 2.1 update notification. However, there are some lucky folks, such as Reddit user SlideReadIt, who have already received the update and they have provided some screenshots of the new update in action.

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