Google News 5.5 adds a Dark Theme

Google News 5.5 adds a Dark Theme

Getting news delivered to the public has become a focal point for many online services lately. Newspapers have been complaining for years that their revenue has dried up and they’ve switched to an online platform. However, some are still complaining as many are expecting to read the news for free. Google is hoping to help alleviate this issue by offering digital and print subscriptions, but we’ll have to wait and see how that works out for the major publications. The Google News application was recently updated with a focus on machine learning curation and we recently discovered that some people are now seeing a Dark Mode toggle in the settings area.

The recent Google News update showed a focus on user experience, facts, and user control, and since then it has been updated with various features like a data saving toggle to help those who have very little monthly data to begin with. The market has become so important that we’ve seen other companies throwing their hat in the ring with Microsoft also revamping their news application as well. With the framework in place, Google has begun adding some new user experience features to their Google News application that makes it a more pleasing to use.

The latest change we have noticed is the addition of a Dark Mode toggle within the settings of the application. The new Dark Theme option is available in version 5.5 of the app. There are a few different options for when the theme is applied as well. This is a great addition for those who want to read their news at night (or just prefer dark mode apps) and it’s a trend that we’ve seen in multiple applications available for Android as of late.

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