Google News rolling out support for bilingual news feed

Google News rolling out support for bilingual news feed

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Back in September, app teardown expert Jane Manchun Wong discovered a handful of features headed to Google apps. Among those features was the ability to choose multiple languages in Google News. Today, Google officially announced the ability to view stories in two languages in your news feed.

You can now go into the Settings of the Google News app and select two languages in the “Languages & regions” section. Currently, you can select up to two languages/regions. This means, for example, that you can keep up with news in English and Hindi, or you can read news from the two countries in the same language. You’ll see all the stories in the same feed in their respective languages. Stories will appear more frequently in the language/region you have selected as the Primary.

Google says the feature is available in Google News for Android and iOS across 141 countries and 41 languages. All of your previous personalization preferences carry over to the added languages. As mentioned above, go into the Settings and find the “Languages & regions” section. Tap the “Add language and region” button and search. This is a great feature for people who speak multiple languages and had to rely on separate apps to get news. Now you can do it all in one single place.

Source: Google