Google News is getting revamped with news curated by machine learning

Google News is getting revamped with news curated by machine learning

One of the very first not search engine-related services launched by Google was Google News. It was launched all the way back in September 2002, almost 16 years ago. But up until now, Google News has simply organized each and every article they could index into different categories while suggesting news to users based on the kind of content they were interested in. This approach has been working pretty reliably for some years now, and it’s the backend behind the Google Now cards. After many years, Google News is finally getting a big revamp to make it smarter and more useful, by using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The Google News app, which is additionally getting a fresh coat of paint based on Google’s new Material Design guidelines, is now using AI to seamlessly retrieve information. As soon as it hits the Internet, Google analyzes it, organizes it, and delivers it to the end user, based on the topics, subjects, and sites they’re interested in. This is done in order to give users the full scoop on what’s happening in detail. The main screen in the app, called “For you”, gives you a quick briefing on what’s happening in your world. And since it’s machine-learning backed, it’ll be getting better and better with time.

A “Full Coverage” feature allows you to go further inside a story by reading different sources, checking out relevant tweets, and seeing what people think about that story. By checking out different sources and points of view, you’ll have the chance to have an unbiased scoop on a certain topic and give your own conclusions. You’ll also be able to subscribe to your favorite sources. The new Google News app is meant to replace the existing Google Play Newsstand app, and will be rolling out to users starting today. It should be available across a whole range of devices in 127 countries by next week.

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