Google One quietly rolls out a new 5TB storage plan

Google One quietly rolls out a new 5TB storage plan

Google One is the umbrella branding for all of Google’s paid cloud storage options, giving you a single shared bucket of storage for all Google services. The service has likely become more popular as free storage for Google Photos came to an end earlier this year, and now Google is starting to roll out a new storage option beyond the three tiers already available on all accounts.

Google One currently has three tiers for all accounts: 100GB ($1.99/mo), 200GB ($2.99/mo), and 2TB ($9.99/mo). There are a few additional benefits for some of those plans, such as 10% back credit for Google Store purchases on the 2TB plan, but they’re all mainly for storage. Some accounts also have options for 2T ($19.99/mo), 10TB (99.99/mo), and 20TB ($199.9/mo). The $80/month increase from 2TB to 10TB is quite a leap, but Google is now introducing 5TB option in between.


Google One Storage Plans

The new storage option still appears to be rolling out — it’s not visible on my personal Google account, but others at XDA have it available (h/t Reddit user inquirer). The new 5TB option costs $24.99/mo, and just like all the other tiers, the storage applies to all Google products and services. That’s a lot of room for photos and videos in Google Photos.

Google hasn’t officially announced the new storage option, so it’s not clear when it will finish rolling out to all accounts. To check if the new 5TB tier is available for you, visit or check within the mobile app.

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