Google One can now backup and restore your photos, videos, and MMS

Google One can now backup and restore your photos, videos, and MMS

Backing up the content on your phone is a very important thing to do. Having tools that make it easy will ensure that you never get stuck in a bad situation. Google has tweaked the way backups in Android work and may be removing the fan-favorite ADB backup and restore tool. Now, they are announcing that Google One can back up MMS, original quality photos, and videos on Android.

Google One is a service for cloud storage and more. Now, Google is expanding Android’s stock backup features with Google One. Android’s built-in backup feature stores app data, call history, contacts, settings, and SMS. Google One adds the addition of MMS as well as original quality photos and videos.


Backing up photos and videos is something you can already do with Google Photos, but if you don’t use Photos, this is more of a one-stop solution. Google One also makes it much easier to manage your backups as it’s just a matter of toggling on the stuff you want to save. There’s a handy Device Backup card that shows when the last backup was performed and gives the option to do one now. Should you ever need to bring back content, there is the option to “Restore.”

Device backup is rolling out now to Google One members. Unlike Android’s built-in backup tools, this one does require a monthly subscription, which starts at $2 per month. That may be a small price to pay for peace of mind, not to mention Google One’s other features.

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