Google One cloud subscription service is coming to India

Google One cloud subscription service is coming to India

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There are a lot of different cloud storage options to choose from out there. The market got big around 2008 with the launch of Dropbox, but even Amazon, Carbonite, and Mozy beat them a couple of years earlier. Google Drive was launched in 2012 and it was used s a central storage place for a number of their services including Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Docs, and others. As Google likes to do, the company decided to launch a rebrand of their overarching storage service into what is now known as Google One. Google has a history of launching services in select markets at first and then branching out later, and we have just learned that Google One is coming to India over the next few weeks.

It may seem like Google One is replacing Google Drive, but that hasn’t been the case. You can think of it as the subscription service that tells Google services such as Google Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail just how much storage you have available to your Google account. You are also able to share your storage capacity with up to 5 family members and Google is working to add other bonuses to paying customers as well. The announcement of Google One was made back in May of this year and it was the news that there would be more options to choose from when deciding on how much paid cloud storage you wanted.

Just like when Google One finally launched in the United States, the company is taking the same rolled out approach in India too. Paying Google Drive customers will get priority and will have access to Google One in India “over the next few weeks.” Google is telling these paying customers to keep their eyes on their inbox as an email to upgrade to Google One will arrive once the service is ready. The same features are coming to Google One customers in India as well, so you can add up to 5 family members, they’re handing out Google Play credit, and you’ll have access to “a team of Google experts to answer your questions” about topics such as recovering deleted data and using Gmail offline.

For current non-paying users of Google Drive, the announcement post gives the same estimated time frame of “over the next few weeks,” but you can go here to be notified about new Google One information and when Indian residents will have access to the new service.

Source: Google