Google announces ‘Google One’ as a new paid cloud storage service

Google announces ‘Google One’ as a new paid cloud storage service

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Cloud storage has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Cloud storage providers such as Dropbox, Google, Apple, and Microsoft have led the way in providing a limited amount of free cloud storage. Some cloud storage providers even provide as much as 50GB of free cloud storage, although other providers such as Dropbox continue to provide only 2GB of free storage. Google provides 15GB of free storage with every Google Account. Now, the company has announced “Google One”: a new plan for expanded storage that includes “extra benefits.”

Google notes that thanks to mobile phones and features such as 4K video recording and high-resolution photography, users are storing “more than ever before.” In the next few months, all paid consumer Google Drive storage plans will be upgraded to Google One. It should be noted that the change doesn’t affect G Suite business customers.

Google One is Google’s new paid storage service. With Google One, the company has upgraded its paid storage plans to enable users have more space for Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. Google One has many options ranging from 100GB to 30TB of storage.

Google One users will also get one-tap access to experts for help with Google’s consumer products and services, because Google says that people who use a lot of storage tend to use a lot of other Google products as well. Users will also gain access to extras from other Google products such as credits on Google Play or deals on select hotels found in Google Search. The company states that it will add more benefits over time.

Google further notes that one of the most common requests the company gets is for storage plans to be shareable within a family. Google One will let users do exactly that. Users can add up to five family members to their plan and simplify storage under one bill. Every member will get their private storage space as well as the additional benefits of Google One.

Users having a paid Drive storage plan will be automatically upgraded to Google One over the “coming months,” with the upgrade starting in the US and then expanding globally. Users will receive an email confirming their upgrade to Google’s new service. They can sign up to be notified when it becomes available in their country here.

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