Google Opens Up the Daydream VR Platform to All Developers

Google Opens Up the Daydream VR Platform to All Developers

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Google launched a lab division for employees to work on their Daydream VR platform. The goal was to come up with some experiments and see what worked and what did not work in a VR environment. They’ve come up with a number of conclusions about the social aspect of VR, ways to prevent trolling and even came up with some ways that people can interact within a VR setting. So far, this has only benefited Google’s select partners because they’re the only ones who could submit Daydream VR applications and games.

This changed this week though as Google finally started to allow any developer to submit an APK that was meant for their Daydream platform. Before you submit your application or game, Google wants you to read over the Daydream App Quality guidelines on the usability and quality standards. Just like with the certification process of Daydream ready devices, Google wants to make sure the Play Store is offering a great user experience when it comes to this Daydream section of the Play Store.

Before you can publish the application or game to the Play Store though, you will need to head over to the Pricing and Distribution section of the Developer Console and opt-in to Daydream. Opting-in tells Google that you want your application to be found through places like Google Play VR and Daydream Home. Google will then double check to make sure your application or game meets their app quality guidelines before they decide to publish it to the Play Store.

As mentioned, until now we have only seen Daydream applications and games published in the Play Store by developers who had close ties with Google. Now that Google is opening up the floodgates, we should start to see a bunch of new content for their Daydream VR platform. Developers should be sure to check the source link below to make sure you meet all the requirements to publish your applications and games into the Play Store.

Source: Google