Google Partners with Ticketmaster to Add Artist’s Concert Dates on Videos

Google Partners with Ticketmaster to Add Artist’s Concert Dates on Videos

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If you listen to a large number of music artists, then it can be difficult to keep track of all the various touring dates for them. A new partnership between Google and Ticketmaster hopes to alleviate that issue by including concert dates under the music videos on YouTube.

Starting today, you’ll see a “View All Upcoming Shows” drop down menu right above the like, dislike, share and add top options that are displayed in the YouTube mobile application. On the desktop version of YouTube, this information will be listed right under the video description. Both platforms offer different sections to this information with the first instantly showing you the closest concert that artist will be playing at. You’ll see the date and time of the event, which venue they’ll be at and then tapping or clicking it will redirect you to the Ticketmaster website for the concert. This makes it incredibly easy for those who listen to music videos on YouTube to find when and where their favorite artists are playing.

The other section included here shows all of their upcoming shows ordered by date. Again, this can be convenient if you know you’re going to be in another state in the future as you’ll see the whole tour schedule right within YouTube. Once you choose an event and are redirected to the Ticketmaster website, you can then find out additional details about the show including price, available seating and more.

As of right now, Google is rolling this feature out to artists who have Ticketmaster shows in North America but Google also has plans to expand globally in the future. With YouTube still losing money for Google each month, this could be a great way to increase monthly revenue for the platform. Not only that, it can also help get YouTube on the good side of artists and music studios as many have been against the platform in its current state.

Source: YouTube Blog