Google partners with Unity to boost advertising in mobile games

Google partners with Unity to boost advertising in mobile games

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A huge amount of Android games are written with the Unity engine. Unity themselves say that over 50% of all new Android games are written with their engine, a staggeringly high number. As a result, it’s no surprise that Google may wish to foster a partnership with the company for mutual benefit. Companies that use Unity’s game engine will now be able to integrate Google AdMobs into games themselves, something that was previously not easily done. The partnership has been in the works for years.

To be honest, this partnership was inevitable. There’s an enormous potential for revenue on both sides of the coin. Making it part of Unity makes it easier than ever for users to pay for their games via advertisements. 9 billion minutes are spent daily on mobile games built with Unity, the potential for ad revenue is huge. It strengthens Unity’s market position for developers while also extending Google’s advertisement base. Advertisers will be able to serve ads via Universal App campaigns. It not only benefits both companies, but it benefits developers as well who can, in theory, make more money from these advertisements. Better integrated advertisements will also increase revenue for developers too.

“Google is committed to helping drive the mobile gaming ecosystem forward, and we’ve worked with Unity for several years on this advertising integration — a key example for how we enable advertisers to better reach consumers around the world,” said Sissie Hsiao, VP of Mobile Advertising at Google. “We’re especially excited about connecting advertisers with new gamers through user-first rewarded ad experiences, where rewards like new levels or extra power-ups complement the game experience.”

So when will it be available? Game developers and Google AdMob customers will be able to use it starting now. Creations made with Unity have reached 3 billion unique devices and were installed over 24 billion times in the last year. It’s no wonder that Google wants to tap into that market, and it benefits developers too.

Source: Businesswire Via: AndroidPolice