Google Patents Dual-Screen Convertible Laptop

Google Patents Dual-Screen Convertible Laptop

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Patents don’t always make it into consumer products, but there’s always a chance they might. And that’s what makes Google’s patent for a dual-screen convertible laptop so exciting.

The newly uncovered United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) filing follows another, related Google patent for an automated and motorized laptop lid. This one shows a device made up of two screens that combine to form a laptop.

We’ve seen a number of convertible 2-in-1s like these over the past several years in all flavors. Some have screens that fold around the back of the keyboard, and others detach from the keyboard entirely.

It’s too early to tell for certain, but we might  very well see elements of the patent’s design make their way into a future Google-designed laptop — most likely a Pixelbook. Here’s hoping that comes to pass.

Source: Fresh Patents