[Update: Resumed] Google temporarily pauses Chrome and Chrome OS updates to prioritize security

[Update: Resumed] Google temporarily pauses Chrome and Chrome OS updates to prioritize security

Update (3/26/20 @ 1:20 PM ET): Google is resuming Chrome and Chrome OS releases with an adjusted schedule.

It’s no surprise anymore that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is having a huge impact on nearly everything. In the technology space alone, we’ve seen major events get canceled, product launches pushed back, and the effects of changing working conditions. The next thing being affected by adjusted work schedules is Chrome and Chrome OS updates.

Chrome Developers shared the news on Twitter. Due to adjusted work schedules, they are pausing upcoming Chrome and Chrome OS releases. Google wants to make sure the releases remain stable, secure, and reliable. They plan on prioritizing updates related to security, which will be coming to Chrome 80.


While this may be disappointing to those who look forward to new features, it’s really for the best. There are a lot of people who work on Chrome who are adjusting to new working conditions. Pausing the releases will give everyone more time to react to issues and make fixes. A lot of people are relying on browsers to work from home right now, making the stability of Chrome and Chrome OS even more important. No timeline was given for the resuming of releases.

Update: Resumed

After pausing Chrome and Chrome OS updates last week, Google is now ready to resume releases with an adjusted schedule. Here is the updated schedule:

  • M83 will be released three weeks earlier than previously planned and will include all M82 work as we canceled the M82 release (all channels).
  • Our Canary, Dev and Beta channels have or will resume this week, with M83 moving to Dev, and M81 continuing in Beta.
  • Our Stable channel will resume release next week with security and critical fixes in M80, followed by the release of M81 the week of April 7, and M83 ~mid-May.
  • We will share a future update on the timing of the M84 branch and releases.

You can stay up to date with the schedule on the release blog and check the schedule page for specific dates for milestone releases.

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