Google Pay gains the ability to import loyalty cards, tickets, and offers from Gmail

Google Pay gains the ability to import loyalty cards, tickets, and offers from Gmail

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Google Pay has come a long way since it was initially introduced as Android Pay. Similarly to their rebranding of Android Wear, Google thought it would be a better marketing move if they were to rebrand Android Pay to Google Pay. This way there is less confusion about what devices you can use the product with. We’ve watched as they have added support for hundreds of banks around the world and now you can automatically import loyalty cards, tickets (such as boarding passes), and various promotional offers from Gmail.

Since Android Pay was first announced, Google was on board with integrating loyalty programs into its new payment service. This feature was carried over to Google Pay when the company unified its payment services, but now we are seeing this feature become even easier to use. We had suspected that this feature was coming soon as we reported on some screenshots of it in action just two months ago. As with all things in development though, it wasn’t something that we were 100% expecting to make it to the public.

However, it looks as if the team behind the work is happy with how things turned out because the feature is now live and rolling out to users now. You should be aware that this feature is disabled by default. So to use it you will need to open up Google Pay, dive into the settings, and then go to General > Gmail. From here you should see the option to enable this feature from your own device. From the reports we are reading, you will need Google Pay v2.86 or higher to see this toggle.

Once it is enabled, Google Pay will scour through your Gmail inbox and import loyalty cards, tickets, and offers that you have waiting for you.

Via: 9to5Google