The Google Pay India app is getting a new design built with Flutter

The Google Pay India app is getting a new design built with Flutter

Not a lot of people know this, but Google Pay in India and Google Pay in the rest of the world are not the same thing. While both services have the same branding, Google Pay in India, formerly known as Google Tez, plugs to the country’s local UPI payment system, while Google Pay in the rest of the world works more like a normal payment service. But both versions are equally as maintained and supported. Now, the Google Pay India app is getting a Flutter rewrite.

In case you don’t know what Flutter is, or in case you forgot, Flutter is an open-source UI development kit made by Google that allows developers to make their apps using a single codebase and then deploy that to several platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows, and the web. By writing the app in Dart, using Flutter, and deploying it on both Android and iOS, Google says that they can deliver the best-in-class experience on both platforms alike, allowing them to maintain them equally.


As for the changes themselves, the app doesn’t look that much different on the surface. Google Pay actually already got a facelift almost a year ago. The real news here, however, is the massive rewrite that the app underwent: it was rebuilt with Flutter from the ground up. So that’s actually huge news. You might also spot that Google Pay in India also works as a messaging app, allowing users to send messages to each other — but that’s not actually new, as conversations within the payment platform have been around for a long time now.

Google is also planning on doing this Flutter rebuild to the standard Google Pay app as well. That could mean that they are unifying both apps, or it could just mean that they are just rebuilding it for simplicity’s sake. Either way, we’re excited to see what Google will be coming up with. If you’re in India or Singapore, you can check out the app right now by going to the Google Play listing and signing up for the beta program.

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