Google Pay for India will let you turn off data tracking features

Google Pay for India will let you turn off data tracking features

Google Pay in India is getting a new feature that will let you turn off data tracking features. The upcoming feature will appear within the app’s settings starting next week, and it will give you more controls to decide how your Google Pay activity is used to personalize features in the app.

In a recent blog post on the matter, Google revealed that the new feature will start rolling out to users in India starting next week. As soon as you open up Google Pay following the update, it will bring up a new prompt highlighting the features. At the bottom of the prompt, you’ll find two buttons to help you turn the tracking features on or off. The same prompt will also show up for new users during the initial setup process.


Google Pay turn off data tracking features

As mentioned earlier, the app will also get a new option within the settings to help you turn data tracking on or off if you change your mind at a later stage. The option will appear within a new Data & personalization section, and it will include a brief overview of the feature.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to manage how your Google Pay transactions and activity are used for personalization at The page will also show all transaction and activity records, and it will give you the option to delete specific records that you don’t want Google to use for personalization. Although this new feature may not seem like much to most users, it’s a boon for the privacy-conscious.

Over the last year, Google has introduced several privacy and security features across its vast product portfolio. These features go a long way in maintaining transparency and also give users access to simpler controls to manage their data. With Android 11, Google added several such features to the operating system as well. Now, the company is working on bringing more privacy and security features with Android 12. You can learn more about these upcoming features by following this link.

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