Google Pay to get a new interface, tokenized card support, job search, and storefronts in India

Google Pay to get a new interface, tokenized card support, job search, and storefronts in India

Google has made some exciting announcements at the 5th edition of the Google for India event, but a lot of attention was centered on Google Pay. The app has seen major growth in India with the platform reaching 918 million transactions by August 2019. To commemorate the adoption of digital payments in India, Google has announced features such as support for tokenized cards, Google Pay for Business, job search features, and more. The app also gets a new interface to make payments more seamless, and the update will be rolling out to users in the coming weeks.

Google Pay tokenized cards and NFC support

google for india token card

Today, Google is announcing several new features for Google Pay in India and the first one includes tokenized cards. For a seamless transaction with cards, the app will be able to save your card details but in an encrypted version. The payment using tokenized cards includes automatic OTP fill-up without any redirects so that you can complete any transaction without switching the app. Further, for devices that support NFC, users will be able to pay directly on PoS machines that support tap-to-pay in a fashion similar to Samsung Pay.

Google Pay for Business, Spot codes

Google is adding new options for businesses in which they can now download the Business version of Google Pay directly from the Play Store and get their limit increased within a few minutes. The verification process takes place over a Duo video call in which the merchant must show their business around to the representative from Google.

Additionally, Google has announced the Spot platform which can be used by merchants to set up storefronts within the Google Pay app. Users can choose what to buy directly from within the Google Pay app without leaving it. Users can include the storefront interface into their websites using Java or PHP code. Another benefit of the Spot functionality revolves around the new Spot codes which can be either scanned like a QR code or tapped on for NFC-based interaction API from other apps. While you can use the Spot storefront to order, pay, and track within Google Pay, the NFC stickers for the Spot codes can be used to access the storefront without having to search manually.

Entry-level job searches

google for india job search

To facilitate the search for entry-level jobs Google is launching a new interface inside Google Pay. Job seekers can apply, schedule, and get training for job interviews directly from within the Google Pay app. What’s even more securing is the fact that the job search is fully private, your profile will only be visible to companies that you apply to. The feature is currently rolling out to Delhi and NCR but a pan-India roll-out is slated to happen in a few weeks.

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